A Shiny New Website, Just For Me.

I’ve always hated working on my own website. It’s odd, considering how much I love what I do, but I normally find the whole process excruciating and this time around was no different.

I quit my job at least twice and I was just days away from finishing it when only a timely and generous amount of encouragement stopped me from giving it the Fiery Delete Button treatment and leaving my old site up. In fact, the Fiery Delete Button is the reason my last two websites have been hastily thrown together using a third party theme (I hate myself) and that it’s been about six years since I’ve had a website that doesn’t make me cringe every time I look at it.

In a moment of calm, I remembered that what I needed to do was approach my website as a job and treat myself as a client. When you’re used to talking to yourself quite a lot, that’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Me as the client: It’s totally renewed my enthusiasm for keeping it up to date, because it’s completely custom built for me and does everything I want it to do, especially behind the scenes. Most importantly, it’s got all the information I want to give to people that are interested in working with me. I love it.

Me as the developer: Worst client I’ve ever had. Fact.

About The Author: Sarah

Sarah Cox - Freelance WordPress And Front End Web Developer

Freelance WordPress and frontend web developer since January 1999.

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